You've seen him, the surf photographer. He's standing on the beach or perched on the rocks, camera on a tripod, big lens aimed at the pro surfer who's shredding the best wave of every set. Then it happens, the pro paddles for the biggest wave of the day, you can't believe it, he missed it and you're in the perfect spot. You turn, you paddle, you've caught it! The drop takes your breath away, the adrenalin pumps through your system and you have your best wave of the year. Your mates don't believe you....until you show them the stunning photo taken by a professional photographer with the best quality equipment, they're blown away....

If you've surfed in North Cornwall I may have some photos you might want to see...

and who knows you might even end up on the cover of a surf mag!


Local surfers Joss Ash and Marc Llewellyn.

Just for the record I took the shot of Joss Ash on the cover of Pit Pilot not Albert Swift!

Scroll down for sessions. More added very soon.

All images contained within these galleries are available as high quality prints from just £5. Commercial licenses are also available.

Most of the images were produced with a Canon 1DS MKII (16.7 megapixel) or a Canon 1D MK111 and Canon L lenses click here for high quality sample (3MB).

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Bude Surf Classic - Widemouth Bay - 16th/17th May

Praa Sands early March 2009

Bude - 15th Feb 2009

Valentines Day 2009 - Widemouth Bay

Cold and grey but 3-4ft and clean....

Spot M - End of Jan 2009

Big clean and sunny.....

Spot M 25th Jan 2009

Spot M 16th Jan 2009

New style of gallery hope you lot like it....

Praa Sands 5th December 2008

North of Bude - 17th October 2008 - The Ash brothers flying!

Bude - 12th October 2008

Spot M 12th September 2008 - Finally some decent surf without the wind and rain that was the summer of 2008!

North Cornwall late in the day 6th August 2008

North Cornwall early morning 23rd July 2008

Sunny and clean.

North Cornwall between 5th May 2008 and 10th June 2008

Mostly from the Bude area. Loads of locals, some rippin' some not....

Crooklets Beach, Bude. 4th May 2008

North Cornwall March and April 2008

Spot M - 27th Feb 2008 - Mike Raven, Bobby, Eugene, Paul Kirby and others.

Middle Beach - Bude 16th and 17th Feb 2008 - Cold clean fun!

Spot M - 10th Feb 2008 - Big on the sets and clean

Praa Sands 1st Feb 2008

Cornish Super Tubes Jan 24th 2008

Cornish Super Tubes Jan 23rd 2008 - Big and gnarly!

Cornish Super Tubes Jan 2008 - Loads of familiar faces getting nailed most of the time!

Spot M - 6th January 2008 - Big and clean

Spot M - 30th December 2007. Joss and Reubyn Ash giving an air show.

Spot W, 16th December 2007, so cold there was frost on the beach.

Porthtowan, mid December 2007, heavy as!

Spot M, mid December 2007, Joss, Reubyn and Bobby showin' off for the cameras.

Spot M, mid December 2007, busy with Joss, Reubyn, Eugene, Nathan and loads more. Chunky and clean.

Spot M, mid December 2007. Joss Ash, Bobby and Mike Raven rippin'.

Harlyn Bay, busy but clean. Early December 2007. Some Joss and Reubyn Ash with plenty of company.

Lynmouth, early December 2007, blowing a gale, mucky brown water but nice little right hander!

The Ash boys giving an air show at Spot M, late November 2007

BPSA Firewire Expression Session, Fistral Beach, 10th November 2007

Crooklets 4th November 2007 - Low to high tide

Crookets 3rd November 2007. Nearly dark! Joss Ash, Alan Stokes and others.

Widemouth Bay and Bude 2nd November 2007. Joss Ash giving another air show.

30th October Spot M, only two in the water.

Joss and Reubyn Ash playing in their back yard!

Loads of sessions from North Cornwall.

September and October 2007 in North Cornwall

Sorry for taking so long to put this one together, enjoy..

Sloppy Summer Surf 2007 - Posted 29th August - Loads of North Cornish sessions from our wonderful summer - Almost 600 images!

Crooklets - 8th April 2007. Small but fun.

Spot M -11th March 2007 - Overhead with Nathan Carter, Joss Ash, Mike Raven and others.

Spot M - 10th March 2007 - Overhead with some Joss Ash and Nathan Carter.

Spot M and Spot WM - 16th Jan 2007 - Overhead with some Mike Raven, Nathan Carter, Barry David and Joss Ash proving he's not always in the air.

Cornish Super Tubes - 9th Jan 2007 - Overhead and super hollow - Some Ben Skinner without his longboard!

Spot M - Christmas Eve 2006. Joss Ash living in the tube.

North Devon Secret Spot. Joss Ash, Nathan Carter, Barry David and others enjoying the filthy weather - 7th December 2006

Spot M - 29th November 2006

Spot M - Big and cleanish. Reubyn Ash, Sam Lamiroy, Ben Skinner and Nathan Carter having fun. 28th November 2006.

North Devon Secret Spot - Almost dark 27th November 2006

Cornish Super Tubes - 26th November 2006

Dawn patrol to a secret North Devon spot - 26th November 2006.

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 24th November 2006.

Cornish Super Tubes 23rd November 2006.

Crooklets 5th November 2006. Small but fun. Air show by Joss and Reubyn Ash.

Crooklets 23rd October 2006. Small but clean and hollow (so hollow that I snapped my board just before these were taken!).

Spot M, 30th September 2006.

Spot M, Cornwall's least secret secret spot, 21st Sept 2006. Big and clean.

Spot M, 18th September 2006. Clean and quite hollow.

Billabong British Juniors. Held at Widemouth Bay Sept 2006.

Spot M, 14th September 2006. North Cornish point break, big and lumpy.

W-M near Bude 4th September 2006. Private session with Joss Ash, Nathan Carter, "Bobby" and Johnny Radd

Crooklets 24th August 2006

Earthquakes & Crooklets 12th August 2006. Lumpy but fun.

Some short sessions from North Cornwall 29th July to 1st August 2006. Spot M, WM near Widemouth and Crooklets.

Summerleaze and Crooklets 23rd July. Not very clean but fun. Includes a lifeguard wave runner in trouble.

Widemouth Bay 22nd July 2006. Surftech Tour featuring Lee Ryan, Elliot Dudley and Alan Stokes.

Crooklets 11th-13th July

Santa Cruz Euro Tour comes to Bude 25th June 2006. Matt Archbold, Shawn 'Barney' Barron, Matt 'Rat' Schrodetz and Ford Archbold.

Widemouth Bay 12th June 2006, chunky evening session.

Salthouse and Crooklets 28th May 2006

Spot M - North Cornish point break 4th May 2006

Spot M - North Cornish point break 3rd May 2006

Spot M, W M near Widemouth & Blackrock 26th April 2006, small but fun.

Crooklets small but fun 16th April 2006 - ARCHIVED

Small Cornish Super Tubes 1st April 2006

Cornish Super Tubes! 28th March 2006

Bude beach breaks small but clean(ish) 15th March 2006


Spot M - North Cornish point break 11th March 2006

Crooklets, Spot M and Widemouth 2nd and 3rd March 2006

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 18th Feb 2006 (includes surf ski getting washed in over the rocks!) - ARCHIVED

Spot M & W-M near Widemouth 5th Feb 2006 - ARCHIVED

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 21st Jan 2006 - ARCHIVED

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 14th Jan 2006 - ARCHIVED

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 13 Jan 2006 working at 10ft plus on the big sets! - ARCHIVED

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 12th Jan 2005 - ARCHIVED

W-M Near Widemouth Bay and some Spot M 9th Jan 2006 - ARCHIVED

Spot M - North Cornish Point Break 6th Jan 2006 - ARCHIVED

All of 2005's galleries have now been archived.